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About Our Services

Service delivery timelines will be documented in a Service Level Agreement on the following lines:
  • New members processing – within 20 days
  • Contributions validation and processing – within 5 days
  • Benefits processing – within 14 days
  • Member communications – within 5 days
  • Annual Benefits Statements processing – within 30 days of audit
  • Quarterly management accounts – within 28 days
  • Statutory returns and taxes – as required by statute
  • Trust Secretarial Services, documentation and compliance management – as agreed with Trustees

KCTS Services Overview

Our service provision is mainly guided by three key principles; professionalism, quality of services and good relationship with all the Scheme stakeholders.

Kingsland Court Trustee Services Limited (“KCTS”) will be responsible for the proper discharge of all the duties and responsibilities specified in the Trustee Act, the Retirement Benefits Act and Regulations and the Trust Deed and Rules. Through its Corporate Trustee Services Committee, KCTS will conduct itself in compliance with requirements of trustees set out in the Retirement Benefits Act and Regulations as well as the Trust Deed and Rules.

In addition to its general duties and responsibilities as a Trustee, KCTS will directly perform the functions of Trust Secretariat and Compliance Manager. Under these headings the principal functions are:

Trust Secretariat duties, embracing:

  • Maintaining and reviewing/revising all Scheme documents including Trust Deed and Rules, Deeds of  Adherence,  RBA  Registration,  Tax  Exemption  Certificate,  and  Agreements  with service providers and advisers
  • Monitoring the performance by the Administrator and in particular ensuring that members’ documentation is properly executed and held and that member records are accurately maintained
  • Preparing for quarterly Trustee Committee Meetings
  • Maintaining minutes  of  Trustee Committee  Meetings  and  managing  follow-ups,  including implementation of decisions and resolutions
  • Providing quarterly updates to the scheme Founder
  • Ensuring reports to regulators are submitted correctly and timeously
  • Managing selection of schemes’ service providers, including preparation or review of service agreements
  • Managing relations with service providers and advisors, including analysing their reports and providing relevant guidance to the Trustee Committee
  • Management of Annual General Meetings


Governance and Risk Management, embracing:

Developing and maintaining a policy manual containing all policies necessary for the good governance of the schemes in line with the Good Governance practices Guidelines and best industry practice in particular but not limited to:

  • Governance and Standards Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Code Of Conduct Policy
  • Trustees Powers, Duties and Delegated Authorities Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Member Relations, Communications and Education Policy
  • Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Selection, Appointment and Management of Service Providers Policy
  • Financial management, Accounting and Audit Policy
  • Service Providers Selection and Appointment Policy
  • Investment Income Distribution Policy

Developing and maintaining an effective Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Plan covering all aspects of risks categorised generally as:

  • Legal risks
  • Operational risks
  • Investment and Finance risks

The Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Plan shall be developed in close consultation with the Founder in order to align the Scheme operations and expectations with the overall risk profile of the Founder.


Compliance Management embracing:

  • Management of compliance with the Retirement Benefits Act and Regulations, Income Tax Act and Rules
  • Management of compliance with Trust Deed and Rules
  • Managing compliance with the agreed service levels and industry best practice


Scheme Accounting embracing:

In addition to these functions, there is in Kingsland Court a very close link with the accounting function. If the Corporate Trustee does not receive regular and detailed reports and supplementary information from the service providers the role may be severely compromised. It is with this in mind that we treat the accounting function as an integral part of part of our Corporate Trustee role, responsible for:

  • Maintaining all the schemes’ books of account and financial records
  • Reconciling financial records with data from the approved issuer and administration records
  • Managing the schemes’ taxation matters
  • Preparing quarterly management accounts, with detailed notes
  • Preparing scheme financial statements for audit and managing the audit process
  • Submission of audited accounts to RBA and Commissioner of Income Tax

Monitoring and Evaluation embracing:

  • Monitor workflow between the service providers to ensure optimum co-operation and efficiency between them for the benefit of the Scheme,
  • Monitor compliance by the service providers with all laws and regulations relating to their duties and report to the trustees quarterly all infractions, commenting on possible consequences and outline a remedial action plan,
  • Monitor compliance by the service providers with their respective service levels agreements and report to the trustees quarterly all infractions, commenting on possible consequences and outline a remedial work plan,
  • Review the service providers agreements, at agreed intervals with the Trustees, and facilitate revision of the agreementwhere deemed necessary,

Member Relations and Communication embracing:

  • Supporting the Administrator on members’ relationships and communications,
  • Verification of members benefits calculations prepared by the Administrator, and ensure correctness of both the benefits values and beneficiary details,
  • Support in the development of member training sessions and material, member communication tools e.g. a member handbook and annual trustee reports,
  • Ensure membership documents arewell kept and up to date. 

Strategic Plan Development and Implementation:

  • The Good Governance Guidelines guide schemes to develop strategic plan that shall guide their governance and growth direction. As Trustee and in liaison with the Founder and service providers we shall draft for the Scheme a Strategic Plan covering a period of 4 to 5 years.
  • After approval we shall develop and communicate as necessary the implementation plan and monitor progress, reporting to the Founder at agreed intervals. This will include ensuring annual reviews of the Plan.

We shall also draft communications to members to keep them informed of the strategic direction and activities.

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